Google Chrome Testing New Feature: Opening PWA Links in New Windows

October 17, 2023 – Google has extended an invitation today to select users of the Canary channel of its Chrome browser to test a novel feature called “Link Capturing for PWAs.”

With this new functionality, when users click on Progressive Web App (PWA) links, they will no longer open in new tab pages. Instead, the corresponding PWA app window will be invoked, providing a seamless and convenient browsing experience for users.

Prominent browser enthusiast @Leopeva64 shared this development on Twitter, indicating that Canary version Chrome browser users can explore this feature by enabling the experimental flag #enable-user-link-capturing-pwa.

To enable Link Capturing for PWA apps, users should initially open a PWA from their browser and choose to “Remember their choice.” Furthermore, users can access the application management settings page to enable Link Capturing for specific PWA apps.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft Edge browser version 97 has already introduced this feature, and Chrome is now following suit in providing users with this valuable enhancement.

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