Apple Unveils Vibrant Dragon Wallpaper for the Year of the Dragon

January 24, 2024 – In the lead-up to the Chinese New Year celebrations, Apple has once again released a special wallpaper design to commemorate the occasion, this time featuring the auspicious symbol of the dragon. The wallpaper, themed after the upcoming Year of the Dragon, is available for download on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices directly from Apple’s official website.

The wallpaper is predominantly red, a color deeply associated with joy and good fortune in Chinese culture, giving it a strong festive atmosphere. The design showcases a magnificent Chinese dragon soaring through the clouds. Uniquely, the dragon’s body is cleverly composed of a row of MacBook, iPad, and iPhone devices, while its tail is formed by the Apple Watch and AirPods.

Adding to the festive visuals, the wallpaper also features bursts of fireworks and shining stars surrounding the dragon. Interestingly, the dragon in Apple’s official wallpaper sports five claws, unlike the recently controversial four-clawed dragon design seen on some third-party iPhone cases.

Furthermore, eagle-eyed observers may notice subtle differences between this dragon and the one featured in Apple’s Lunar New Year promotional materials. Specifically, the dragon in the wallpaper appears to have an iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max forming the latter part of its body, whereas the dragon in the promotional artwork for the Lunar New Year sale sports an iPhone 15 standard model.

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