Apple Unveils iOS 17.3 Beta with Innovative ‘Stolen Device Protection’ Feature

December 13, 2023 – Apple has unveiled a significant update with the release of iOS 17.3 Beta to developers, focusing on enhanced security and collaborative features. A notable addition is the “Stolen Device Protection,” designed to safeguard user information even when private passwords are compromised. This feature activates additional identity verification using Face ID or Touch ID for certain iPhone operations, especially when the device is detected in unfamiliar locations.

To reinforce security for particularly sensitive actions, users must not only pass Face ID or Touch ID authentication but also wait for an hour before re-authenticating. Apple clarifies that these stringent measures will not apply in frequently visited locations, balancing security with convenience.

iOS 17.3 Beta also introduces the long-anticipated Apple Music collaborative playlists, a social feature that allows users to co-create and share playlists. By selecting an existing playlist or creating a new one in Apple Music, users can enable collaboration through a small humanoid icon, generating a shareable link for others to join in the playlist curation. This update represents Apple’s ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience through innovative security measures and interactive functionalities.

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