OpenAI CEO Reopens ChatGPT Plus Registrations for New Users

December 14, 2023 – In the early hours of today, OpenAI’s CEO, Ultraman, announced the reopening of registrations for new users interested in subscribing to ChatGPT Plus.

Just a few weeks ago, in mid-November, Ultraman had taken to social media to declare the suspension of new registrations for ChatGPT Plus accounts. He explained that the usage of ChatGPT had experienced a significant surge since the inaugural Developer Day, surpassing the platform’s capacity. This necessitated the temporary halt in new paid user registrations to ensure an optimal user experience for all.

However, Ultraman assured the community that efforts were underway to expand capacity, and he expressed hope for a speedy resumption of new user registrations. He encouraged interested individuals to join the waiting list for access.

The suspension of new user registrations for ChatGPT Plus had notable consequences. Some users turned to online auction platforms like eBay, offering ChatGPT Plus accounts for a monthly fee of at least $10, which is approximately 72 Chinese yuan. Others were seen selling ChatGPT Plus invitation codes for as high as 428 euros, equivalent to around 3326 Chinese yuan.

Based on previous data, ChatGPT recorded a staggering 14.6 billion interactions in the first ten months of the year, averaging 1.5 billion interactions per month. The platform also boasted over 100 million weekly active users, with 92% of Fortune 500 companies utilizing its services.

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