Apple Offers Refurbished 2023 Mac Pro with M2 Ultra Chip at 16% Off

September 20, 2023 -In a surprising turn of events, Apple has just listed the M2 Ultra-powered Mac Pro in their refurbished store in the United States, marking the first time this model has been offered at a discounted price since its initial release.

The base model of the Mac Pro, featuring the “M2 Ultra” chip, is now available as a refurbished unit for $5,949, approximately $1,050 less than the brand-new model priced at $6,999. This represents a discount of about 16%.

What’s intriguing is that Apple is offering various configurations of the 2023 Mac Pro as refurbished options, each tailored to meet different user needs:

– 24-core CPU, 60-core GPU, 64GB unified memory, 1TB solid-state drive: $5,949

– 24-core CPU, 76-core GPU, 64GB unified memory, 1TB solid-state drive: $6,799

– 24-core CPU, 76-core GPU, 128GB unified memory, 4TB solid-state drive: $8,329

– 24-core CPU, 76-core GPU, 192GB unified memory, 2TB solid-state drive: $8,499

The Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra chip was introduced in June 2023 and retains the same design as the 2019 model with Intel processors. However, due to the unified architecture of Apple Silicon, it doesn’t support discrete graphics cards, and users are unable to upgrade the memory. Apple recommends customers who don’t require PCIe expansion capabilities to consider the Mac Studio instead.

Refurbished Mac Pros come with the same accessories as brand-new models, including a power cord, mouse, and a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID.

It’s important to note that all Apple refurbished products undergo comprehensive testing, thorough cleaning, and inspections, ensuring they meet Apple’s high standards. Additionally, they come with a one-year limited warranty and a 14-day return policy, with the option to purchase AppleCare for extended coverage.

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