Apple Music’s Latest Feature: Collaborative Playlists with Emoji Reactions

December 14, 2023 – In a recent update, Apple introduced an exciting feature to its Apple Music platform with the release of iOS 17.3 Beta. Developers have been invited to test out the collaborative playlist functionality, and the latest tests reveal an added twist – Emoji Reactions support.

Apple initially invited developers to test collaborative playlists in iOS 17.2, but the feature was subsequently removed in the fourth beta update of 17.2.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that the feature would be delayed until 2024 and extended an invitation to both developers and users to participate in testing it within the iOS 17.3 version.

Here’s how it works: When users open the Apple Music app and create a new playlist or select an existing one, they can click on a human icon to enable collaboration. Selecting this option generates a link that others can click on to join in the collaborative effort.

The person initiating the collaboration can choose to approve or reject requests from those wanting to add songs, although this feature is not enabled by default. Anyone with access to the playlist link can add music, but the owner can close the collaboration or remove contributors at any time.

What’s new is that this collaborative playlist feature now supports Emoji Reactions, adding a fun and expressive element to the experience. Users can use emojis to convey their feelings directly, making the collaboration even more engaging.

The overall user experience is reminiscent of interactions in the Messages app. Users can listen to songs and click on emojis to express their emotions during the music playback.

In addition to standard emojis like hearts and thumbs-up, users can also click on the “+” button to open an emoji panel and choose from a variety of other emojis to spice up their collaborative playlist.

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