Apple Introduces Facial Scanning for Personalized Vision Pro Headset Fitting

January 12, 2024 – Recent revelations by sources close to Apple’s inner workings, specifically Aaron Perris, have shed light on a new feature within the Apple Store app. It appears that customers looking to purchase the Vision Pro headset will first need to undergo a facial scan. This innovative step ensures that Apple can provide the correct fit for its headset components.

Deep within the code of the Apple Store application lies a snippet that reads, “You can determine the size of your Apple Vision Pro by scanning your face.” This suggests a personalized shopping experience, tailored to each individual’s unique facial structure.

In line with this development, Apple has already rolled out the Head Measure and Fit app. This companion application guides users through the process of finding the perfect Vision Pro headset for their needs.

Currently, Apple offers a range of sizes for both Light Seals and Head Bands. The option to use a scan for sizing indicates that customers may no longer need to visit a physical Apple retail store to determine their fit. This could significantly enhance the convenience and accessibility of the purchasing process.

The Vision Pro comes equipped with a Solo Knit Band and a Dual Loop Band. The latter features a second strap that wraps around the head, distributing the weight more evenly. Additionally, it includes a Light Seal and two extra Light Seal cushions for added comfort and customization.

Furthermore, code snippets within the app hint at the possibility of engraving on the Vision Pro. However, at this time, it remains unclear where exactly this engraving would be placed on the device. This added personalization feature could further enhance the appeal of the Vision Pro among consumers.

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