A Pivotal Moment: 28 Nations Unite to Sign ‘The Bletchley Declaration

November 02, 2023 – Historic Bletchley Park, located in the United Kingdom, played host to the inaugural Global AI Security Summit, where representatives from 28 countries, including China, the United States, and the European Union, came together to sign the “Bletchley Declaration.”

The “Bletchley Declaration” is a call to action, emphasizing a human-centric approach to the development and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). The summit recognized the immense potential of AI in improving human well-being while simultaneously cautioning against the harm that could be caused, either intentionally or unintentionally, during its development. To mitigate these risks, the declaration urges responsible practices in AI design, development, and usage, advocating for regulatory measures when necessary.

This two-day AI Security Summit saw participation not only from government representatives of over 20 nations but also from seven international multilateral organizations, as well as more than 80 academic and research institutions, businesses, and civil society organizations.

The official agenda featured the presence of renowned institutions such as the Alan Turing Institute in the UK, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Prominent companies like DeepMind from the UK, Google from the United States, Tencent and Alibaba from China were also actively involved. Notably, the summit gathered several distinguished experts in the field of AI, who collectively placed a significant focus on the potential risks associated with AI technologies.

During the opening ceremony, Vice Minister of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, Wu Zhaohui, conveyed China’s commitment to enhancing dialogue and communication with all stakeholders in the domain of AI security. He emphasized China’s dedication to contributing to the establishment of a global governance framework that enjoys widespread consensus, reiterating that every nation, regardless of its size, possesses the equal right to develop and utilize artificial intelligence responsibly.


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