Toyota, Honda, Mazda Executives Bow in Apology Over Car Certification Fraud

June 04, 2024 – Following a series of investigations prompted by previous irregularities at Daihatsu Industrial Co., the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) of Japan announced on June 3rd that it had conducted an investigation into 85 automakers to assess whether there were any irregularities in their mass production certification applications. The findings revealed that 38 models from Toyota, Mazda, Yamaha Motor, Honda, and Suzuki exhibited issues of certification fraud.

The MLIT has mandated a temporary halt in shipments of six current models from Toyota, Mazda, and Yamaha Motor until their safety standards are confirmed. This precautionary measure aims to ensure consumer safety.

In the official statement, the MLIT also demanded that the automakers initiate internal investigations and submit their findings promptly. Furthermore, the ministry will conduct further investigations into these five automakers in accordance with the law. The MLIT plans to commence its investigation with Toyota on June 4th, followed by the other four companies in question.

On the same day, executives from Toyota, Honda, and Mazda held separate press conferences to apologize for the incident. Toyota President Akio Toyoda stated during his press conference, “Fraud is a principled issue that undermines the certification system. It is something that automakers should never do. As the head of the Toyota Group, I sincerely apologize for this.” Toyota announced the immediate halt of production and sales of three models involved in the fraud. Mazda’s President, Akira Marumoto, also expressed remorse during his press conference, stating, “I feel guilty for causing concern to customers using Mazda vehicles… I take deep responsibility as a manager.”

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