Toyota Achieves Record-Breaking Global Production in November 2023

December 28, 2023 – Toyota Motor Corporation has recently unveiled its global automotive production figures for the month of November.

Reportedly, Toyota achieved a historic milestone in November by producing a record-breaking 926,600 vehicles worldwide in a single month. This achievement marks an all-time high in Toyota’s monthly production history.

From January to November this year, Toyota has amassed a cumulative global production total of 9.231 million vehicles. While the production figures for December are yet to be disclosed, the company has already surpassed its 2019 annual production record of 9.0535 million vehicles.

In terms of sales performance, Toyota reported global sales of 986,000 vehicles in November, with the Chinese market contributing significantly by accounting for 164,500 units, reflecting a remarkable 17% year-on-year growth.

In the realm of electric and hybrid vehicles, Toyota reported substantial growth. The company revealed that sales of its hybrid vehicles increased by an impressive 52% in November, while sales of pure electric vehicles surged by an astounding 227%.

Industry experts are suggesting that Toyota is poised to secure its fourth consecutive victory this year, potentially surpassing Volkswagen and solidifying its position as the world’s leading automaker in terms of global sales.

Looking ahead, Toyota has ambitious plans for the coming year. In the Chinese market, they will be launching an entirely new line of pure electric vehicles under the bZ series. Furthermore, the company has set its sights on introducing ten new pure electric vehicle models by the year 2026, indicating a strong commitment to the future of sustainable mobility.

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