Tesla’s New Model 3 Ludicrous: A High-Performance Sensation

April 02, 2024 – Recently, the uncovered images of Tesla’s upcoming high-performance Model 3 variant have sparked considerable interest.

The anticipated vehicle, rumored to be christened as the Model 3 Ludicrous, is speculated to make its official debut in the second quarter of this year, followed by its introduction to the domestic market.

In terms of exterior design, the high-performance model showcases several enhancements influenced by aerodynamics. Noticeably, the revised front fascia features prominent air intakes on both sides, complemented by a carbon fiber rear spoiler and large wheels equipped with red brake calipers, collectively lending a more dynamic and distinctive appearance.

Furthermore, the vehicle sports a refreshed rear badge design, emphasizing its exclusive high-performance status.

According to reports, the new model will be equipped with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system, delivering an impressive combined power output of approximately 393kW. The accelerated performance is anticipated to clock in at around 3.3 seconds from 0-100km/h, while maintaining a range exceeding 500 kilometers.

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