iPadOS 17 Adoption Soars Among Apple Users, Refined Stage Manager and macOS Integration Highlighted

February 06, 2024 – Apple has released the latest adoption rates for iPadOS 17, revealing a significant upgrade trend among its user base.

According to the data, 61% of iPad models introduced in the last four years have already adopted iPadOS 17. Meanwhile, 29% are running on iPadOS 16, with the remaining 10% operating on even earlier versions of the system. This marks a notable shift compared to the same period last year when iPadOS 16 adoption stood at 53%, on par with the current iPadOS 17 rate.

Across all active iPad devices, the breakdown is as follows: 53% are on iPadOS 17, 29% on iPadOS 16, and the remaining 18% are using older versions of the operating system.

With iPadOS 17, Apple has refined its Stage Manager feature, which debuted in iPadOS 16. This functionality enables iPad users to simultaneously open multiple application windows, effectively transforming their tablets into a more computer-like experience, especially when paired with an external display.

The updated Stage Manager in iPadOS 17 offers users greater flexibility in arranging and resizing windows, providing enhanced control over their workspace. Additionally, it now supports the use of an external monitor’s built-in camera, further extending its utility.

Apple has also integrated some macOS-inspired features into iPadOS 17, allowing users to add new windows to their workspace by Shift-clicking on application icons. This cross-platform integration continues to blur the lines between tablets and traditional computers, making the iPad an even more versatile and powerful tool for productivity and creativity.

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