Samsung Hits Pause on Latest LockStar Update Due to Push Issues

March 21, 2024 – Samsung has recently announced a temporary halt to the rollout of its latest LockStar Good Lock module update, version, which was originally released in February this year. According to a post by a community moderator on the Samsung forums, the decision to suspend the update was due to issues with the push notification system that resulted in inconsistent rollout.

The moderator explained that while the update was intended to be pushed out in a sequential manner, it appeared to be randomly distributed, with some devices such as the Galaxy S24 Plus receiving the update while others like the standard S24 did not. Samsung has acknowledged the problem and is planning to rerelease the update in April with improvements to the positioning and sizing of widgets on the lock screen.

In addition to the rollout issues, users have also reported a bug in the new LockStar module that causes the lock screen clock to overlap. Samsung is expected to address this issue in a future update as well.

Meanwhile, Samsung officially describes LockStar as an application that allows users to customize the lock screen of their Samsung phones. With just a few taps, users can personalize various aspects of the interface, including selecting a default wallpaper and customizing the design of the clock displayed at the top of the screen. The app also enables users to set the date in their preferred format. By using LockStar, Samsung aims to provide a more visually appealing and personalized lock screen experience for its users.

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