Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 to Sport Nearly Right-Angled Screen, Similar to Nubia Z60 Ultra

February 20, 2024 – According to recent reports from reliable sources, including prominent leaker @i 冰宇宙, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 smartphone is expected to feature a screen with R-corners that are nearly right angles. This design choice gives the device a similar aesthetic to the Nubia Z60 Ultra, although it doesn’t quite match the sharp right angles of the S24 Ultra.

For clarification, the term “R-corner” refers to the rounded corners of the screen, whether they are internal or external arcs. Additionally, the leaks suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold6 will not feature the steep, vertical edges seen on the S24 Ultra, indicating a slightly different approach to the device’s overall design.

In subsequent tweets, @i 冰宇宙 emphasized that their information is not based on patents or any other official sources but assured the accuracy of their claims. They further hinted that the Galaxy Z Fold6 will adopt a more squared-off design language, which could potentially set it apart from previous iterations in the Galaxy Z Fold series.

This latest leak adds to the growing excitement surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach its official release.

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