Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to Use 200MP HP2 Sensor, Says Report

May 09, 2023 – Samsung is reportedly sticking with its 200-megapixel ISOCELL HP2 sensor for the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra, according to a recent tweet by @Tech_Reve. However, it is expected that the South Korean tech giant will upgrade to an enhanced version of the HP2 sensor for the Galaxy S25 Ultra, which will feature significant improvements to its light receiver and will use a more advanced 17nm logic board.

Rumor has it that Samsung will finally upgrade the sensor size for its flagship Galaxy S lineup with the release of the Galaxy S27 Ultra, which is expected to come with a larger 1/1.12 inch sensor. This size is closer to a full 1 inch sensor and would mark a significant improvement over the previous models. It is worth noting that Sony has already released a smartphone with a 1 inch sensor in 2021 with the Xperia PRO-I, which was followed by similar models from Vivo and Xiaomi.

Samsung has been known to push the boundaries when it comes to smartphone camera technology, and the use of a 200-megapixel sensor in the Galaxy S23 Ultra was a testament to that. While the decision to stick with the same sensor for the S24 Ultra may disappoint some, it is important to remember that Samsung has plans to upgrade the sensor in the near future. The use of a larger sensor size in the S27 Ultra will likely be a major selling point for photography enthusiasts who value high-quality images with greater detail and clarity.

It remains to be seen how Samsung’s new camera technology will stack up against the competition, but it is clear that the company is making strides in the industry. As smartphones continue to replace traditional cameras for many people, advancements in camera technology will only become more important. With its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, Samsung is sure to remain a major player in the smartphone camera market for years to come.

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