Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: Pricing Insights for European Markets

January 02, 2024 – According to GalaxyClub, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+ may see slightly lower prices than expected in Europe, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra might come with a slightly higher price tag.

Insiders suggest that the base model of the soon-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy S24 could start at 899 euros (approximately 7,066 Chinese Yuan), featuring 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.


– 128GB for 899 euros (around 7,066 Chinese Yuan)

– 256GB for 959 euros (around 7,538 Chinese Yuan)


– 256GB for 1149 euros (around 9,031 Chinese Yuan)

– 512GB for 1269 euros (around 9,974 Chinese Yuan)

S24 Ultra:

– 12+256GB version for 1449 euros (approximately 11,389 Chinese Yuan)

– 12+512GB version for 1569 euros (approximately 12,332 Chinese Yuan)

– 12+1TB version for 1809 euros (approximately 14,219 Chinese Yuan)

For reference:


– 8+128GB version for 949 euros

– 8+256GB version for 1009 euros


– 8+256GB version for 1199 euros

– 8+512GB version for 1319 euros

S23 Ultra:

– 8+256GB version for 1399 euros

– 12+512GB version for 1579 euros

– 12+1TB version for 1819 euros

In terms of specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chip. The S24 is anticipated to sport a 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED FHD+ 2X display with a 120Hz refresh rate and a peak brightness of 2,600 nits. The S24+ will come with a 6.7-inch QHD+ display, while the S24 Ultra will adopt a 6.8-inch screen.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ may come equipped with a 50MP telephoto lens supporting 3x zoom, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra will boast a 200MP main camera along with 3x and 10x telephoto lenses.

In other aspects, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is expected to feature a 4,000mAh battery, the S24+ will have a 4,900mAh battery, and the S24 Ultra might come with a 5,000mAh battery.

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