Samsung Semiconductor Sets Ambitious Operating Profit Target for 2024

January 02, 2024 – According to reports from South Korean media outlet Hankyung, Samsung Semiconductor (DS) division has set ambitious business targets for the year. The department aims to achieve an operating profit goal of 115 trillion Korean Won (approximately 63.02 billion Chinese Yuan), signaling an impressive leap.

Financial analysts also estimate Samsung Electronics’ total operating profit to be 338.1 trillion Korean Won, implying that the DS division’s operating profit will constitute one-third of Samsung Electronics’ overall earnings.

In 2023, Samsung DS faced projected operating losses of 130 trillion Korean Won (about 71.24 billion Chinese Yuan). However, the target for this year is set at 115 trillion Korean Won, indicating a substantial increase of nearly 25 trillion Korean Won.

The optimistic outlook for Samsung DS is primarily attributed to various factors, including the continuous three-month rise in DRAM and NAND Flash prices. The situation of oversupply has been resolved due to manufacturers reducing production and managing inventory. Significant orders from smartphone and personal computer companies have resumed, contributing to the positive forecast.

Furthermore, Samsung is actively advancing in the development of the High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) market. Recently, the company collaborated with Red Hat, achieving validation for CXL memory, showcasing their commitment to technological advancements.

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