New handwriting keyboard from Baidu Input Method and Tesla allows for seamless, efficient input in-car

Tesla owners in China have recently been greeted with a “New Year’s gift” in the form of a software update, known as 2022.44.30.8 OTA. This update includes a variety of new features, such as integration with Apple Music and a car-based version of WeChat’s mini-programs. However, one of the most popular new features among Tesla owners is the handwriting keyboard feature provided by Baidu Input Method.

This handwriting keyboard feature allows drivers to easily input address and entertainment-related vocabulary while navigating or using the car’s entertainment applications. Baidu’s “black technology” allows for smooth and efficient handwriting input, with high recognition rates and precise word suggestions. The feature supports freehand writing, including overlapped and connected writing, as well as mixed Chinese and English writing. Additionally, it supports writing at a 45-degree angle, making the interaction between the driver and the car’s system simpler and more efficient.

Recognizing handwriting that is written at an angle is a significant challenge for car-based input methods. This is because the main screen of the car is often located in the central control and at an angle to the driver and passengers. As a result, drivers often write at an angle when using handwriting input. However, the new handwriting keyboard feature from Baidu Input Method is able to accurately recognize handwriting at an angle up to 45 degrees, which greatly improves the user experience for drivers.

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