iPhone 15 Series Hits New Low Prices on Official Tmall Apple Store

February 29, 2024 – In a recent update on the official flagship store of Apple on Tmall, the entire iPhone 15 series has experienced a significant price drop, reaching new lows since its release. The iPhone 15 128GB model is now priced at 4,849 yuan after applying the discount coupon.

Since the launch of the iPhone 15 series, various channels have offered different levels of price reductions. However, this particular discount comes from an official source, providing superior after-sales service, support, and guarantees compared to third-party retailers.

For consumers looking to purchase the iPhone 15 through an official and authorized channel, this development presents an excellent opportunity. Currently, the starting prices for the iPhone 15 models on the official Tmall Apple Store are as follows: iPhone 15 at 4,849 yuan, iPhone 15 Plus at 5,849 yuan, iPhone 15 Pro at 6,849 yuan, and iPhone 15 Pro Max at 8,849 yuan.

In contrast, when the iPhone 15 series was initially released in September 2023, the starting prices were significantly higher: iPhone 15 at 5,999 yuan, iPhone 15 Plus at 6,999 yuan, iPhone 15 Pro at 7,999 yuan, and iPhone 15 Pro Max at 9,999 yuan. This comparison reveals that the current price reduction across the entire iPhone 15 lineup exceeds 1,000 yuan, offering significant savings for potential buyers.

iPhone 15官方全系降至历史最低!降价幅度均在千元以上

Additionally, customers can take advantage of interest-free payment plans and other attractive offers. According to Guo Tianxiang, a senior analyst at IDC China, the primary reason behind Apple’s frequent discounts this year is the lower-than-expected sales performance of the iPhone 15 series in the Chinese market. This strategic move aims to stimulate demand and boost sales in the region.

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