Apple’s iPhone SE 4: A Major Design Revolution in the Works

April 01, 2024 – Apple is reportedly working on the fourth-generation iPhone SE, with plans for a significant design overhaul. Unlike its predecessor, the iPhone SE 3, which featured a physical Home button, the upcoming model is rumored to embrace a full-screen design, eliminating the iconic button and aligning its aesthetics with the latest iPhone models.

Recent leaks of iPhone SE 4 case images have offered a glimpse into the device’s potential form factor. These images suggest that the new iPhone SE will borrow design cues from the iPhone 14, featuring a straight-edged frame and a small notch at the top center, accommodating the front-facing camera and Face ID sensors. The notch size appears to be similar to that of the iPhone 13 series.

Furthermore, reports indicate that the iPhone SE 4 will sport a 6.1-inch OLED display sourced from BOE, marking a departure from the LCD screens used in previous SE models. This display is expected to feature an in-screen Face ID sensor, replacing the Touch ID fingerprint recognition found in the Home button of earlier models.

Turning to the back, the phone is rumored to have a single rear camera, paired with a flash and microphone. While the camera sensor is said to be larger than its predecessor, the overall layout bears some resemblance to the iPhone XR. Notably, the rear camera is not expected to protrude from the body, instead being integrated directly into the glass back panel.

Interesting design details have also emerged from the side of the leaked iPhone SE 4 case. A cutout above the volume buttons suggests that the device will not include the rumored “Action Button.” Previous speculation had pointed to the possibility of the iPhone SE 4 adopting a similar design to the iPhone 14 with the addition of this new button, but the case cutout seems more likely to accommodate a traditional silent switch.

As of now, it remains unclear whether Apple will ultimately opt for a silent switch or an “Action Button” in the final design of the iPhone SE 4. With the release still some time away, there’s a possibility that the device’s ultimate form could undergo changes before it hits the market.

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