Apple Unveils iOS 17.3 with Enhanced Security and Collaborative Music Features for iPhone XS and Newer

January 23, 2024 – In the early hours of today, Apple rolled out the official iOS 17.3 update exclusively for iPhone XS and newer models, introducing a slew of noteworthy features.

Among the standouts is the Enhanced Stolen Device Protection, which elevates the security of iPhones and Apple IDs by mandating the use of Face ID or Touch ID for certain actions, eliminating the fallback option of entering a passcode. This added layer of security introduces a one-hour delay, requiring successful biometric authentication before sensitive operations like changing the device or Apple ID password can be performed.

The Lock Screen receives a fresh Unity wallpaper as a tribute to Black history and culture, commemorating Black History Month.

Music lovers will appreciate the Collaborative Playlists feature, which enables users to invite friends to join their playlists. Each participant enjoys full control, including the ability to add, reorder, and delete tracks.

Adding to the playlist fun, Emoji Reactions can now be attached to any song within a collaborative playlist, allowing for a more interactive and expressive listening experience.

This update also packs several improvements, such as AirPlay Hotel Support. This new feature facilitates the direct streaming of content to the television in specific hotel rooms, enhancing the convenience for travelers.

Under the Settings menu, the revamped “AppleCare and Warranty” section now displays the warranty coverage for all devices logged in with your Apple ID, providing a centralized hub for managing warranty information.

Lastly, the update optimizes Crash Detection, a safety feature available on all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models. This enhancement further refines the system’s ability to detect and respond to car accidents, potentially saving lives in critical situations.

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