NVIDIA’s Vision: Establishing a Semiconductor Powerhouse in Vietnam

December 11, 2023 – NVIDIA Founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, during his inaugural visit to Vietnam, has revealed ambitious plans to establish a semiconductor production hub in the country, marking a significant move to boost the semiconductor industry.

Following a meeting with the Vietnamese Prime Minister, the government of Vietnam issued a statement, expressing their enthusiasm for the project. The statement read, “This production center will attract global talents and contribute to Vietnam’s semiconductor ecosystem and digital development.”

Jensen Huang’s visit to the capital city of Hanoi last Saturday marked his first-ever trip to Vietnam. Prior to this, he had visited several other Asian countries, including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

While Vietnam currently boasts a number of large semiconductor assembly plants, including Intel’s largest chip assembly factory globally, the nation is actively looking to expand into chip design and manufacturing. Media reports suggest that NVIDIA has already invested $250 million (approximately ¥1.8 billion RMB) in Vietnam and is set to explore potential partnerships and technology sharing with Vietnamese tech companies on Monday.

According to documents released in the United States, NVIDIA has already collaborated with leading tech companies in Vietnam to deploy artificial intelligence in cloud computing, automotive, and healthcare sectors.

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