NVIDIA Unveils Revolutionary Project GR00T: Ushering in a New Era of Humanoid Robotics

March 19, 2024 – At the annual GTC developers’ conference hosted by NVIDIA, CEO Jensen Huang unveiled the groundbreaking Project GR00T, a humanoid robot initiative that introduces the world’s first-ever base model for humanoid robotics.

According to Huang, the GR00T humanoid robot base model possesses remarkable capabilities. It can comprehend natural language, mimic human movements, and swiftly acquire coordination, flexibility, and other skills through language, video, and human demonstrations. This innovative technology paves the way for robots to seamlessly integrate into our real-world environments and interact with humans.

During his presentation, Huang showcased various humanoid robots powered by GR00T performing a range of tasks. These robots, developed by companies such as Agility Robotics, Apptronik, Fourier Intelligence, and Unitree Robotics, exhibited impressive adaptability and versatility.

To ensure that these robots can run complex multi-modal models like GR00T, NVIDIA also introduced the Jetson Thor development kit specifically designed for humanoid robots. This kit, based on NVIDIA’s Thor SoC, boasts a high-performance CPU cluster and a next-generation GPU with the Blackwell architecture, delivering an AI computing power of 800 Teraflops (1 trillion floating-point operations per second).

Furthermore, NVIDIA announced updates to its ISSAC robotics platform. This enhanced platform provides developers with a powerful end-to-end solution for developing, simulating, and deploying AI-powered robots. It supports synchronous training and simulation for thousands of robots, significantly streamlining the development process.

Huang also revealed that NVIDIA has commenced a collaboration with BYD to develop automated warehouse robots leveraging the ISSAC platform. This partnership is expected to yield innovative solutions that will revolutionize warehouse automation and robotics.

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