Meta Opens Up Quest OS to Third-Parties, Ushering in a New Era of Mixed Reality Collaboration

April 23, 2024 – In a landmark announcement, Meta has declared the opening up of its Quest operating system to third-party developers, signaling a significant advancement in the mixed reality sector.

Previously operating under a closed model akin to Apple’s approach, Meta has now opted for a more open Android-like model. This shift encourages other hardware manufacturers to leverage Meta’s platform, fostering collaborative efforts in virtual reality device development. This transition reflects Meta’s forward-thinking attitude towards industry progression and its deep understanding of the value of cooperation and mutual success.

Accompanying this strategic move, the Quest operating system has undergone a renaming to “Meta Horizon OS”, symbolizing its newfound openness and inclusivity. Already, this system has garnered the attention of prominent partners such as ASUS’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand and Lenovo, who are eager to contribute to the advancement of virtual reality technology.

Specifically, ASUS intends to harness Meta Horizon OS to craft a high-performance gaming headset, catering to the market demand for exceptional gaming experiences. Meanwhile, Lenovo focuses on the realms of productivity, learning, and entertainment, aiming to introduce a new virtual reality device that offers an immersive and diverse experience.

Meta has also revealed a tight collaboration with Microsoft. Together, they plan to develop an Xbox-inspired limited edition Meta Quest headset and integrate Xbox cloud gaming into Meta Horizon OS. This integration promises to enrich the gaming experience within the Meta Horizon OS environment.

Furthermore, Meta has extended a cooperation invitation to Google, aiming to incorporate the Google Play 2D app store into Meta Horizon OS. This potential partnership could significantly expand the app selection for users, enriching the Horizon ecosystem.

To further bolster the quality of content within the Horizon ecosystem, Meta also intends to utilize software developed by the Quest App Lab to provide users with more premium content through the Horizon Store. This measure is expected to enhance user experience and attract more individuals to join Meta’s virtual reality ecosystem.

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