CATL Launches First European Factory in Germany

Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) is a Chinese battery manufacturer that has launched its first factory in Europe in Arnstadt, Germany. This marks the company’s first factory outside of China. The factory is expected to have an annual production capacity of 30 million cells, enough to assemble 185,000 to 350,000 electric vehicles. The project has an investment of 18 billion euros, and is being referred to as the “first large-scale battery production project in Western Europe” by the President of CATL Europe, Matthias Krentz.

The factory will supply several European car manufacturers including BMW. According to Krentz, one production line has already been launched in Arnstadt, and five more will be put into operation in the future. The factory is expected to begin mass production by the middle of this year.

CATL is also currently building another factory in Hungary.

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