Copilot Introduces New AI Feature: Drag-and-Drop File Questioning

March 04, 2024 – In a bid to alleviate the burden of reading lengthy documents for users, technology companies have been actively harnessing the power of AI models. Following Adobe’s introduction of PDF AI to aid in the quick comprehension of voluminous reports, and Copilot’s ability to analyze OneDrive files and respond to pertinent queries, Copilot has now unveiled a new feature: direct file drag-and-drop questioning.

This functionality was first discovered by Leopeva64, who revealed that users can simply drag and drop a file into Copilot’s chat window for the AI assistant to read its contents. Subsequently, users can pose queries to Copilot, requesting summaries of key points, searches for specific data, or information related to the document’s theme. However, it appears that this feature may not yet be accessible to all users.

The focus of technology companies on leveraging AI for summarizing long texts stems from the fact that such tasks are well-suited for AI’s strengths. For instance, OpenAI’s ChatGPT can swiftly process vast amounts of information and condense it into a few key points. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to apply this capability to hundreds of pages of reports that users may not want to spend hours poring over. With the increasing availability of AI-powered personal computers, we may soon bid farewell to reading documents word-for-word and instead rely on our AI assistants to provide us with the answers we need.

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