Unmasking Meta Quest 3: Analyzing the True Costs

November 22, 2023 – Meta Quest 3, unveiled on September 28th this year with a starting price of $499 for the 128 GB version (approximately ¥3563 at the current exchange rate), has recently become the focus of analysis by Wellsenn XR. The material cost for this VR headset, as revealed by the analytics company, stands at $430 (about ¥3070).

While it may seem that Meta is making a profit of about $70 (around ¥500) on each 128 GB Meta Quest 3, it’s crucial to note that this is solely the material cost and does not account for the development and software support expenses associated with the Quest 3. As a result, the analysis company suggests that the actual pricing of the 128 GB headset is below its production cost, indicating that Meta incurs a net loss with each sale.

Breaking down the material costs, the high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon X2 Gen 2 chip, along with the cooling unit, contributes $151 (approximately ¥1078), the display costs $80 (about ¥571), and the cameras and sensors add up to $41 (around ¥293). The remaining $105 (roughly ¥750) encompasses expenses related to the controllers, battery, speakers, microphone, device casing, packaging, and shipping.

In comparison, Wellsenn XR highlights that the material cost of Apple’s Vision Pro headset is approximately $1700 (about ¥12138), yet this headset is priced at $3499 (around ¥24983). This implies that Apple is making a substantial profit on its first XR headset.

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