Tesla’s Fremont Factory Temporarily Shuts Down for Upgrades, Hinting at New Model 3

July 26, 2023 – The Tesla Fremont Factory, situated in Fremont, California, has come to a halt as it undergoes a comprehensive upgrade and reorganization. Recent video footage shared by @MetGodintheWilderness, an active online user, showcases the logistics area of the factory, devoid of any human presence, with its entrance firmly closed. Observations reveal a marked decrease in activity within the manufacturing workshop areas as well.

During the second-quarter earnings call last week, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, had already announced the temporary closures of various production facilities throughout the third quarter. Musk stated, “We anticipate a slight dip in production output during Q3 due to the summer shutdown, which is necessary for substantial factory upgrades. Consequently, global production for Q3 might experience a mild decline.”

Speculations arise that Tesla may be preparing for the production of a new model, the Model 3 Highland, and consequently implementing reorganization measures within the space-limited Fremont Factory. Over the past few months, the factory has witnessed several upgrade initiatives, encompassing the installation of new equipment, updates to production lines, and improvements in space utilization.

Though Tesla has not officially confirmed the temporary shutdown at the Fremont Factory and lacks a dedicated media department, the stark contrast to the factory’s usual bustling activity leaves little room for doubt. It is challenging to conceive any other reason for such an eerily deserted state, aside from the factory upgrades mentioned by Musk last week.

In recent times, rumors surrounding the Tesla Model 3 Highland have been circulating, with numerous sightings of the vehicle on roads. Additionally, Tesla has even filed documents at the Fremont Factory with the Highland designation, further fueling the anticipation and curiosity surrounding this potential new model.

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