NVIDIA Loses ‘Global Number One’ Status as Market Cap Falls Below $3 Trillion

June 25, 2024 – In a stunning reversal of fortunes, NVIDIA, which had recently been crowned the world’s most valuable company with a market capitalization of 3.34trilliononJune18th,hasseenitsvalueplummetbyalmost400 billion in less than a week.

As of this writing, NVIDIA’s shares have fallen by approximately 5% (after dipping to 6.44% earlier in the day before recovering slightly), with the stock price dropping to 120.09.Thisdeclinehasbroughtthecompany′smarketcapitalizationdownto2.95 trillion, a significant decrease from its peak of $3.34 trillion.

The sharp drop follows two consecutive days of losses for the graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturer. Between June 20th and 21st, NVIDIA’s market value evaporated by roughly 220billion,withthesharepricesettlingat126.57 and a market cap of $3.11 trillion. Today’s trading session has seen yet another wave of selling pressure.

Meanwhile, shares of Apple and Microsoft have remained relatively stable. Apple’s stock is currently trading at 210.89,withamarketcapitalizationof3.23 trillion, while Microsoft’s shares are priced at 450.20,givingitamarketcapof3.35 trillion.

The precipitous fall of NVIDIA’s stock price has sparked widespread discussion in the financial markets, with analysts scrambling to understand the reasons behind the steep decline. Some attribute it to profit-taking after the recent run-up, while others point to concerns about the sustainability of the company’s growth in the face of intensifying competition and potential regulatory challenges.

Regardless of the reasons, the rapid shift in NVIDIA’s market value serves as a reminder of the volatility that can accompany the technology sector, even for companies that appear to be on a steady upward trajectory. Investors are now watching closely to see if NVIDIA can stabilize its stock price and maintain its position as a leader in the GPU market.

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