Nvidia GB200 Superchip Pricing Hits the High Mark: $70,000 Per Unit

May 15, 2024 – A report by @firstadopter, a veteran writer at Barron’s, citing insights from HSBC analysts, reveals the staggering price tag attached to Nvidia’s GB200 superchip, a fusion of CPU and GPU technology. The estimated retail price of this cutting-edge component stands at a whopping $70,000 per unit.

Notably, Nvidia’s strategy appears to favor the sale of servers powered by its Blackwell GPUs, rather than standalone chip sales. This approach is reflected in the anticipated pricing of the GB200 NVL72 server, which is expected to command a staggering price of $3 million per unit.

HSBC analysts further predict that Nvidia’s “entry-level” B100 GPU will have an average selling price (ASP) ranging from 30,000to35,000, comparable to the pricing of the company’s H100 GPU.

The more powerful GB200, comprising a single Grace CPU paired with two B200 GPUs, is expected to retail between 60,000and70,000, with the actual price potentially surpassing these estimates.

Data provided by HSBC indicates that the Nvidia GB200 NVL36 server, equipped with 36 GB200 superchips (18 Grace CPUs and 36 enhanced B200 GPUs), could have an average selling price of 1.8million.Meanwhile,theNvidiaGB200NVL72,boasting72GB200superchips(36CPUsand72GPUs),isprojectedtoretailatapproximately3 million.

These revelations underscore the significant investment required for enterprises and research institutions seeking to harness the immense computational power offered by Nvidia’s latest technologies.

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