Matt Garman Named as Successor to Adam Selipsky, AWS’s Prolific CEO

May 15, 2024 – Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing arm of Amazon, is poised for a new era of leadership following the announcement by Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon, that Adam Selipsky, the current CEO of AWS, will step down from his post after a three-year tenure. Selipsky, aged 57, who has been a pivotal figure in AWS for 14 years, will leave the company on June 3, marking the end of a successful era where he oversaw the significant growth of the cloud giant.

Under Selipsky’s stewardship, AWS has witnessed exponential expansion, doubling its sales from 45.4billiontheyearbeforehetookofficetoawhopping90.8 billion in 2023, equivalent to approximately 657.392 billion yuan. Moreover, the operating profit has also almost doubled to $24.6 billion, or approximately 178.104 billion yuan.

The choice of a new leader for AWS is of utmost importance, given that the cloud computing segment accounts for 60% of Amazon’s overall profits. Taking the reins from Selipsky on June 3 will be Matt Garman, the current Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Global Services. Garman first joined Amazon as an intern in the summer of 2005 and later went full-time the following year.

Despite AWS’s dominant position in the US cloud market, it faces stiff competition from Microsoft’s rapidly growing Azure service, which has capitalized on its partnership with OpenAI to offer cutting-edge AI products. Additionally, Google has also unveiled new AI services during its annual developer conference, further intensifying the competition in the cloud computing landscape.

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