Intel’s Mobile Arrow Lake Processor to Debut at CES 2025: Reports

January 18, 2024 – Recent reports from Bionic Squash suggest that Intel is gearing up for a significant announcement at the upcoming CES 2025 event, scheduled for January of next year. According to the tweets, the technology giant is planning to unveil its mobile variant of the Arrow Lake processor.

Speculations are rife that Intel could potentially launch three distinct versions of the Arrow Lake mobile processors: ARL-H, ARL-HX, and ARL-U. It’s worth noting that ARL stands for Arrow Lake, while the suffixes H, HX, and U denote specific market segments such as hardcore ultrabooks, enthusiast-grade performance, and modern ultrabooks, respectively.

These rumors are further substantiated by leaks from MLID, which also hints that the Arrow Lake lineup will be exclusive to desktop computers this year. Additionally, sources indicate that both the ARL-H and ARL-HX will be manufactured using the N3B process technology, while only the lower-end ARL-S, with fewer than 6+8 cores, will utilize Intel’s cutting-edge 20A process.

Interestingly, it’s also rumored that Lunar Lake, Intel’s upcoming processor line, will be built on TSMC’s N3B process node. This development could explain how Intel manages to accelerate the launch of Lunar Lake towards the end of 2024. As the tech world eagerly awaits more details, one thing is certain: Intel’s processor roadmap for the coming years promises to be both exciting and innovative.

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