Harmonizing the Year: Apple Music Unveils 2023 Replay Insights

November 29, 2023 – Apple Music has unveiled its 2023 Year in Review, known as Apple Music Replay 2023, allowing users to delve into their listening data for the year, encompassing favorite songs, albums, artists, and more.

Users can access their Apple Music Replay 2023 by visiting the website replay.music.apple.com on their devices.

On this dedicated page, users are greeted with a “Highlight Reel,” offering a retrospective of their annual music statistics on Apple Music. These statistics include the total time spent listening, favorite artists, top songs, preferred albums, and preferred genres.

As users scroll down, they can explore their most-played playlists, along with detailed rankings of favorite albums, songs, and artists. A new feature called “Milestones” has been introduced, showcasing listening thresholds achieved by the user throughout the year.

To conclude the experience, Apple Music generates a curated playlist featuring the user’s favorite songs of the year. Users can access their Apple Music Replay playlist on their iPhones through the music app. Simply navigate to the “Listen Now” tab, scroll to the bottom, and there it is. Additionally, users can find their Apple Music Replay playlists from previous years, dating back to 2015 for longtime subscribers who joined Apple Music in that year.

While Apple Music Replay is available throughout the year, today marks the launch of more in-depth and customized “Highlight” features. Users can effortlessly share their listening data on social media by clicking the share icon in the bottom right corner.

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