Google Unveils Beta Version of Android Auto 10 for In-Car Software

July 17, 2023 – Google has recently unveiled the first Beta version of Android Auto 10 for in-car software. While the initial release focused on minor adjustments, it did not bring any significant updates. However, Google has now introduced the second test version, introducing a brand new interface for the Google Assistant voice assistant.

The latest interface for the Google Assistant boasts a more modern design, featuring Google’s iconic four-color palette of blue, red, yellow, and green, with an added luminous effect. Notably, when users give voice commands, the new voice assistant interface simultaneously displays the spoken text at the center, allowing users to visually confirm whether the assistant has accurately recognized their instructions.

Additionally, the new Android Auto 10 for in-car software includes controls specifically tailored for electric vehicles. Observers from the tech media outlet 9TO5Google speculate that this development “holds promise for future management of car charging and related features directly from the in-car system.”

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