Apple’s Vision Pro App Store Unveiled: Developers Welcomed to Submit Applications

January 17, 2024 – In recent updates, it has been reported by the media that Apple has officially launched the App Store for Vision Pro and has commenced accepting applications from developers.

Developers are now empowered to release applications for visionOS, and once approved through Apple’s stringent review process, these applications will become available on the VisionOS App Store.

The VisionOS App Store is not just a platform for applications tailored exclusively for Vision Pro features; it will also offer the capability to run existing iOS applications in 2D mode on the Vision Pro device. What’s noteworthy is that developers can seamlessly port their existing applications to Vision Pro without additional modifications. This implies that Vision Pro users will have access to the majority of existing iOS applications.

Apple is set to officially launch its inaugural Mixed Reality (MR) head-mounted display, Vision Pro, on February 2nd, with a price tag of $3499, approximately equivalent to ¥25,000.

Furthermore, the latest media reviews for Vision Pro have been unveiled today. Some of the feedback highlights concerns about the device being too heavy, leading to discomfort and even neck pain after a short duration of wearing the headgear.

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