Apple’s 2024 iPad Lineup: Embracing OLED Innovation

December 15, 2023 – Apple is said to be shifting its focus for the iPad product line towards transitioning to OLED technology before considering the development of foldable devices, according to reports from Nikkei Asia.

As per Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is planning a major update to its iPad lineup in early 2024 in an effort to boost declining iPad sales. The company intends to introduce new versions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro, both with significant changes in store.

The 2024 iPad Pro models from Apple will feature OLED displays, marking the first time this technology will be used in the iPad series. Apple has employed OLED technology in its iPhones and Apple Watches, but the larger OLED screens come with a higher price tag. Compared to LED or mini-LED, OLED offers deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. These OLED displays will be exclusive to the iPad Pro models, while the iPad Air will continue to use standard displays.

Reports suggest that Apple does not have a specific timeline for the release of a foldable iPad, and it is not currently the company’s primary development focus.

However, it is emphasized in the reports that Apple plans to introduce a foldable iPhone before venturing into the world of foldable iPads.

Previously, it was reported that Samsung Display had undergone organizational restructuring to enhance the operational efficiency of foldable panel development to better meet Apple’s needs.

Meanwhile, LG Display, under the leadership of its new CEO, Cheol-Dong Jung, has also restructured and established a new Strategic Customer (SC) division. The SC division has been separated from the existing Small and Medium Business (SMB) division and is specifically responsible for Apple-related business.

Reports indicate that both Samsung Display and LG Display are working on developing foldable products for Apple, including panels with a size of 20.25 inches. It is currently unclear whether the panel size is related to a specific product or panel manufacturing process.

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