Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset Set for February Launch: Pre-Orders Begin January 19

January 15, 2024 – Apple has made a significant announcement regarding its mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, which is set to hit all US Apple Stores and the official Apple website on February 2. Pre-orders for this innovative device will commence on Friday, January 19. As the excitement builds, more detailed information about Vision Pro is gradually coming to light.

According to reports from the interface news, insights from developers working with Apple Vision Pro reveal that the tech giant is offering two interaction options for game developers. The first is a fully gesture-based gaming experience, where sound feedback simulates the touch of virtual buttons. The second option is full compatibility with game controllers, which not only allows for button manipulation but also enables freedom tracking and positioning through visuals, similar to the PS VR controller experience.

Currently, there’s some mystery surrounding the design of the Apple Vision Pro controller. In known demonstrations, the focus has been on eye control, finger selection, and voice communication with Siri. However, this control method may lack precision when it comes to games that demand quick responses.

Apple first unveiled the Vision Pro headset during its Worldwide Developers Conference last June, pricing it at $3499 (roughly equivalent to 25053 yuan). This headset boasts a 4K resolution for each eye and features a dial on the side that allows users to switch between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) modes. Powering this device is Apple’s own dual-chip technology, comprising the M2 chip and the new R1 chip, specifically designed to process data from the built-in sensors, cameras, and microphones.

The Vision Pro starts at 3499forthe256GBstorageversion.Additionally,Applehasrevealedthepricingdetailsforlensinserts:Zeissopticallenses(readingglasses)arepricedat99 (approximately 709 yuan), while Zeiss optical lenses (prescription glasses) cost $149 (around 1067 yuan).

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