Apple Unveils Patent for Revolutionary Glass-Covered MacBook with Touchscreen Capabilities

March 22, 2024 – In a recent development, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a patent to Apple Inc. for a revolutionary MacBook design. The standout feature of this patent is the extensive use of glass material across most of the device, paired with a touch-sensitive screen.

According to the patent, Apple envisions a future MacBook where both the A-side and C-side sport a sleek glass finish. Meanwhile, the B-side, housing the screen, will boast touch and force-sensitive capabilities. Additionally, the design incorporates a camera that can capture user images, whether static or video, ideal for video conferencing and other similar applications.

Illustrating the patent’s technical intricacies, Figure 1A showcases the components of the touch-sensing system integrated into the screen, facilitating precise touch input detection. In certain scenarios, the display may feature an integrated (on-cell) touch-sensing system. This system, which could include electrode arrays or other touch-sensing elements, is designed for time and frequency multiplexing, enabling simultaneous display and touch-sensing functionalities.

Furthermore, these electrodes can be configured to detect the position of touches, gesture inputs, multi-touch inputs, or other types of touch inputs along the outer surface of the edge #122. This innovative design promises to enhance user interaction and experience, blending seamlessly with the device’s sleek glass aesthetic.

With this patent, Apple continues to push the boundaries of laptop design, blending form and function in a way that is both visually stunning and highly functional. It remains to be seen how this patent will translate into actual products and how it will revolutionize the MacBook line in the coming years.

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