Amazon Unveils Stable AWS SDKs for Kotlin and Rust Developers

December 04, 2023 – Amazon has officially launched AWS SDKs specifically tailored for Rust and Kotlin programming languages, announcing that the SDKs have reached a stable stage and are ready for production use.

AWS SDKs, provided by Amazon, are a suite of development tools that enable developers to create, deploy, and manage applications on the AWS platform. These SDKs offer various language APIs to simplify the process of interacting with AWS services and resources.

Amazon has stated that they have completely redesigned the AWS SDK for Kotlin, aiming to provide a development experience that aligns with the unique features of the Kotlin language. They emphasized that Kotlin offers more interoperability compared to Java, as Kotlin is not limited to the JVM and supports multi-platform capabilities, allowing developers to write code for JVM, JavaScript, and more. The new SDK takes full advantage of Kotlin’s features, significantly enhancing cross-platform capabilities for projects.

The Kotlin-specific AWS SDK supports Domain-Specific Language (DSL) and allows for easy integration with other languages, enabling developers to seamlessly call Java code from Kotlin. Amazon highlighted that developers can use the Kotlin SDK to build applications for the JVM platform or Android API level 24 and above.

In addition to Kotlin, Amazon also introduced an AWS SDK tailored for the Rust programming language. This Rust SDK provides a type-safe API and follows a modular design. Amazon claims that this SDK leverages the unique performance, reliability, and productivity characteristics of the Rust language. The Rust SDK supports features such as async/await and non-blocking I/O and has already been adapted to work with over 300 AWS services.

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