Tesla’s Upgraded Model 3: High-Performance Edition Set to Hit Australian Roads in 2024

November 23, 2023 – According to CarSales, Tesla’s Chief Engineer in Australia, Daniel Ho, has revealed that the new high-performance version of the Model 3 is set to hit the Australian market in the first half of 2024.

While Daniel Ho has not disclosed specific details about the new car’s specifications, it is rumored that the vehicle will see enhancements in both power and handling.

Currently, Tesla’s refreshed Model 3 rear-wheel-drive version and long-range version are already available in Australia, priced at $61,900 USD (approximately 44.3 million RMB) and $71,900 USD (approximately 51.5 million RMB), respectively.

According to previously disclosed information, the new Model 3 high-performance version will feature a complete overhaul in aspects such as wheel design, carbon fiber spoiler, suspension, interior seating, and more. Additionally, the new vehicle will continue to carry the distinctive Performance exclusive insignia.

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