BYD Unveils Revolutionary DM Technology: 2.9L Fuel Consumption and 2100km Endurance

May 29, 2024 – At a recent event, BYD unveiled its fifth-generation DM technology alongside the launch of the Qin L DM-i and Haibao 06 DM-i models. The company officially announced this latest DM technology, boldly claiming that it would “usher in the era of 2L fuel consumption.”

According to BYD, the fifth-generation DM technology boasts several groundbreaking features. Firstly, it achieves a global-leading engine thermal efficiency of 46.06%. Secondly, it offers the world’s lowest fuel consumption of just 2.9L per 100km in power-loss mode. Lastly, it provides an impressive comprehensive driving range of up to 2100km, the longest globally.

The fifth-generation DM technology incorporates three primary frameworks: an electricity-focused power structure, a full-temperature vehicle thermal management structure, and an intelligent electro-fusion electronic and electrical architecture. Additionally, the energy density of the blade battery has been increased to 115Wh/kg, representing a 15.9% improvement. The discharge rate stands at 16C, with a feedback rate of 5C, indicating a 20.3% enhancement. BYD also utilizes a unique 12V lithium iron phosphate small battery, which weighs just 2.2kg, significantly lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries, and boasts a charge-discharge efficiency of 94%.

Furthermore, the fifth-generation DM thermal management framework adopts the second-generation battery direct cooling system, resulting in a 34% energy savings and a 45% improvement in temperature uniformity. The new second-generation battery pulse self-heating technology accelerates the heating process by 60%.

Performance-wise, the fifth-generation DM technology delivers impressive results. It achieves a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 7.5 seconds, with a NEDC fuel consumption of 2.9L per 100km in power-loss mode and a CLTC power consumption of 10.7 kWh/100km. Actual fuel consumption tests reveal that the Qin L DM-i averages 2.26L per 100km, while the Haibao 06 DM-i averages an even lower 2.11L.

Remarkably, media tests have shown that both models can achieve a combined driving range exceeding 2300km on a full tank of fuel and fully charged battery.

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