Samsung’s Breakthrough: Developing Smart Sensors for Semiconductor Precision

December 26, 2023 – Samsung Electronics is making strides in the development of an “Intelligent Sensor System” aimed at controlling and managing semiconductor processes, according to reports from South Korean media outlet ETNews.

One of the critical factors in improving semiconductor yield is the precise control of plasma uniformity and density during semiconductor production. The “Intelligent Sensor System” is designed to measure the uniformity of plasma on wafers, enabling accurate monitoring and management of etching, deposition, and cleaning processes. This innovation holds the potential to enhance semiconductor yield and production capacity significantly.

Samsung has historically relied on foreign suppliers, primarily from the United States, for most of its wafer intelligent sensors, incurring costs in the tens of millions of Korean won. However, the recent surge in demand for increased production has pushed Samsung towards in-house development, reducing its dependence on foreign sensor providers.

The intelligent sensors currently being developed by Samsung Electronics are ultra-compact, causing minimal disruption to existing equipment layouts. This means that they can improve production capacity while optimizing space utilization.

Reports suggest that Samsung Electronics intends to progressively expand the development and application scope of these intelligent sensors. Their goal is not limited to plasma processes but extends to the development of SMART sensors and systems for various semiconductor processes.

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