Upcoming Charges for AI Features on Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Reported

March 11, 2024 – According to a recent report from Lanjing Finance, some authorized Samsung experience stores have received notices regarding upcoming charges for certain AI features on the Galaxy S24 series.

The report states that a salesperson from a Samsung authorized store in Xidan Joy City, Beijing, informed the journalist that customers purchasing the S24 before July 30th, 2024, would be eligible for a free 180-day trial of WPS AI benefits, starting from the first redemption. This offer is valid across all official stores nationwide, with a seven-day usage period after each successful redemption. A sales representative from another Samsung store in the Heshenghui Shopping Center confirmed receiving similar instructions.

The AI capabilities resulting from the collaboration between Samsung and WPS will become chargeable after July 30th, with pricing set at 118 yuan per year, 148 yuan for 15 months, or 15 yuan per month for a continuous subscription.

Interestingly, the report mentions that no such charges have been announced for AI integrations with Meitu or Baidu. Additionally, AI-powered features that do not rely on third-party applications also remain unaffected by these changes. When approached for comment, both Samsung and WPS representatives stated that they had not yet received any official notifications regarding the matter.

Samsung previously touted the Galaxy S24 series as packed with advanced AI capabilities, enhancing practical functions like input, translation, voice recording, note-taking, and photography for a more convenient and efficient user experience. Unlike its international counterparts, the AI features on the Chinese version of the S24 are primarily powered by domestic providers such as Baidu.

In earlier reports, it was revealed that Galaxy AI tightly integrates multiple abilities from Baidu’s Wenxin large model, offering AI-enhanced calling, translation, smart summaries, and formatting features. The S24 series also introduced a unique “Instant Search” function, allowing users to quickly search for relevant information by performing simple gestures like circling or underlining text, images, or videos.

Additionally, Samsung and Baidu have collaboratively upgraded the Samsung Notes app with a “Note Assistant” capable of content translation, summarization, and intelligent formatting. When recording audio, the on-device AI can transcribe speech into text in real-time, distinguishing between different speakers and supporting multi-language translation and meeting minute generation.

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