Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Series Boosts Sales with Introduction of Galaxy AI

March 12, 2024 – Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, released earlier this year, has introduced “Galaxy AI,” a suite of features that includes both on-device AI capabilities and a comprehensive cloud-based AI experience.

According to data from market research firm Counterpoint Research, global sales of the Galaxy S24 have increased by 8% compared to the previous generation Galaxy S23 series during the period from January 28th to February 17th. Notably, sales in the domestic Korean market have surged by 22% compared to the previous generation.

In Western Europe, driven by strong pre-orders in the UK, Germany, and France, sales have grown by an impressive 28%. The US has also seen a healthy increase of 14% in sales.

The most expensive model, the S24 Ultra, accounts for 52% of total sales, followed by the S24 at 27% and the S24 Plus at 21%.

The Samsung S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra are the company’s first smartphones to come pre-installed with AI features. These include real-time language translation, which can be used in messaging and voice calls, summarization of web pages and notes, and generative AI-based image and video editing capabilities.

Samsung has previously stated that the Galaxy AI features will be available free of charge on supported Galaxy devices until the end of 2025. In response to concerns about the potential monetization of Galaxy AI, the head of Samsung Electronics’ MX division clarified that the company will not consider monetizing the service this year and instead focus on making AI features accessible to more users.

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