Samsung and SK Hynix Lead the Way in Mass Producing LPDDR6 Memory

March 15, 2024 – In a recent development, media reports have indicated that Samsung and SK Hynix are poised to be the first to mass-produce LPDDR6 memory. Both companies are eager to secure LPDDR6 RAM certification, and industry insiders suggest that once they receive approval from JEDEC, they will promptly proceed with the mass production of LPDDR6 memory.

Compared to its predecessor, LPDDR5X, LPDDR6 is expected to offer significant improvements in both speed and power consumption. Currently, the mainstream speed for LPDDR5X memory stands at 8533Mbps. However, to cater to the growing demand for higher performance, SK Hynix has already introduced a 9600Mbps memory module.

Meanwhile, Samsung is aiming to mass-produce LPDDR6 memory ahead of the launch of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen4. Once available, flagship devices powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen4 are expected to be the first to feature LPDDR6 memory.

It’s worth noting that 2024 has been dubbed the “Year of AI,” characterized by a surge in demand for computing power and memory speed, as well as processing capabilities. This trend is driven by the proliferation of AI applications at the edge, such as real-time speech translation and image recognition on smartphones.

The high speed and low power consumption of LPDDR6 memory will undoubtedly accelerate the adoption and popularization of these AI applications. Not only will it better meet the demands of complex computations and real-time data processing, but it will also unleash the full potential of AI, paving the way for even more innovative and exciting use cases in the future.

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