Apple’s Promotional Activities Boost iPhone Shipments in China by 12%

May 09, 2024 – Following Apple’s promotional activities in the Greater China region, statistics from foreign media indicate that iPhone shipments in China increased by approximately 12% in March. This significant growth contrasts sharply with the 37% decline in iPhone sales during the first two months of 2024, suggesting that Apple’s strategies to stem the slide in sales in the Chinese market are beginning to bear fruit.

According to a report released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in March, shipments of foreign-branded smartphones rose to 3.75 million units year-on-year, with Apple products accounting for the majority. However, despite the uptick in March sales, overall shipments of foreign mobile phone brands in the first quarter of 2024 still dropped by 27%.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently commented on the growth achieved by the iPhone business in mainland China during a recent earnings call, although he did not elaborate further. Nonetheless, his statement aligns with the reported shipment growth figures.

Since 2023, Apple has been striving to revitalize its business in China, facing intense competition from domestic rivals such as Huawei. China remains a crucial market for Apple, accounting for 18% of its net sales, and serving as a core component of its global production network. As a result, the company’s market performance in China is closely monitored by global investors.

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