Apple Unveils First OLED iPad Pro with iPadOS 17.5 Beta Release

April 12, 2024 – Apple has recently released the beta version of iPadOS 17.5, sparking excitement among developers. Through exploring the beta code, developers have discovered intriguing details about the upcoming iPad Pro. Notably, this new model will feature an OLED panel, marking the first time Apple has ever used an OLED screen in its tablet line.

Reports indicate that within the iPadOS 17.5 beta code, references to four new iPad devices, labeled as iPad16,3, iPad16,4, iPad16,5, and iPad16,6, have been uncovered. This revelation suggests that the next-generation iPad Pro will be available in two distinct sizes, with both Wi-Fi and cellular versions offered for each size.

Previous rumors have pointed to the new iPad Pro coming in 11-inch and 13-inch varieties. For the 11-inch model, OLED panels will be sourced from LG Display and Samsung, while LG Display will be the sole supplier for the 13-inch version.

In addition, Apple is set to introduce an all-new generation of the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, further enhancing the user experience with the iPad Pro.

Industry insiders predict that Apple intends to launch the iPad Pro in the second week of May, bypassing a traditional press event and instead opting for a direct market release.

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