Apple to Rename ‘Apple ID’ to ‘Apple Account’ Later This Year: Mark Gurman Confirms

March 18, 2024 – Renowned tech journalist Mark Gurman has confirmed that Apple is planning to rename its long-standing “Apple ID” to “Apple Account” later this year. This news comes shortly after initial reports from MacRumors hinted at the possible renaming.

With a comprehensive rebranding effort later in the year, the term “Apple ID,” which has been in use for over two decades, is set to become a relic of the past. Gurman stated today that the new “Apple Account” nomenclature will be rolled out alongside significant software updates from Apple, including iOS 18 for the iPhone and watchOS 11 for the Apple Watch.

Interestingly, Apple has already been referring to funds added to the Apple ID as “Apple Account balance,” indicating a gradual shift towards the new terminology. Furthermore, there exists an internal team within the company known as the “Apple Account” team.

While the reasons behind this decision remain unclear, it is speculated that the term “Apple Account” may be more conducive to brand recognition and consistency across the company’s various services and products.

Apple is expected to announce this renaming plan during its annual WWDC developer conference in June, where it will unveil iOS 18 and other crucial software updates. The widespread adoption of the new name is anticipated to commence in September.

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