Apple to Introduce Scratch-Resistant AR Layer on iPhone 17 Series

March 20, 2024 – Since the release of iPhone 12, Apple has been utilizing Ceramic Shield glass, a material that significantly enhances the durability and shatter-resistance of the device’s screen, making it less prone to damage from accidental drops. However, while Ceramic Shield glass excels at preventing shattering, it remains susceptible to scratches, a common issue that many users who frequently carry their phones in bags or pockets are well aware of.

In an effort to address this concern, Apple has reportedly invested heavily in new technology. According to recent rumors, the tech giant has spent billions on coating equipment from Japan, which has been handed over to suppliers in China. This new equipment is expected to be fully operational for the upcoming iPhone 17 series, introducing a new ultra-hard AR layer on the outer glass. This additional layer is designed to significantly improve the phone’s resistance to scratches and scuffs, potentially eliminating the need for screen protectors altogether.

Beyond its scratch-resistant properties, the AR layer is also expected to offer anti-reflective benefits. Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra, which already features a similar Armor panel technology, has demonstrated a reduction in reflections and minor scratches by up to 75%. This means that even under bright light conditions, the screen maintains a clear and crisp display with improved color reproduction, providing a more immersive viewing experience for users.

With these advancements in screen technology, Apple continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the smartphone market, aiming to deliver devices that are not only more durable but also offer superior visual performance.

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