Apple Clarifies 30-Day Limit for Third-Party App Use Outside EU in iOS 17.4 Update

March 08, 2024 – This week, Apple released the official version of iOS 17.4, introducing a significant enhancement: support for “sideloading” in the European Union (EU). This feature enables users to download and install applications from third-party app stores.

However, to prevent the outflow of European iPhones, Apple had previously announced that users who spend “extended periods” outside the EU would lose access to third-party app stores. Today, the company clarified that this “extended period” is defined as 30 days.

According to Apple, for a device to be eligible, users must set their Apple ID country or region to an EU member state and physically be located within the EU, as the company conducts “geolocation checks” on the device.

Even after leaving an EU member state, users can continue to open and use applications previously installed through third-party app stores. For 30 days after leaving the EU, they can also continue to update these apps and manage previously installed ones through third-party app stores.

However, it is essential to note that users can only install third-party app stores and new apps through them while physically located within the EU.

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